My generation (part Boomer and part Gen-Xer) sits in an enviable position relative to today’s public policy debates. We’ve lived long enough to personally witness America’s dramatic cultural descent from car hops on roller skates and games of spin-the-bottle to the thunderous corporate applause of state sponsored homosexual-marriage and gender relativism. For almost three generations many Americans have migrated away from familial respect and respectful interrogatives regarding interpersonal relationships, fathering and the family unit to insincerity, shallowness and casual transitory relationships (sexual or otherwise). We create extended families, often at the expense of biological ones and tread water in a culture of technologically based narcissism. The catalyst driving this doomed trek is, well, the same old catalyst. Proponents believe they are making things better or new, that they’ve become enlightened and the grandest worn out excuse of all…we’re now “free.”

  The tools (weapons if you will) for this invasion are wide and varied but essentially spawn from linguistic and historical revisionism and through it we’ve lost the connection to who we are. The country is becoming un-hinged from its core belief system, the very one that formed the American Nation and made it great in the first place. The assumption is the “old” system is unfair, outdated, doesn’t work, whatever and unfortunately its supporters don’t have to look very long or hard to find examples corroborating some of their claims. This is exactly what gives any conspiracy theory enough credibility to spread. Never mind that some media outlets have been recently caught fabricating “news” to fit their political revisionist agenda which by the way is a manifestation very new in American life and virtually unheard of when I grew up. In my youth the news was the news because it was unbiased and factual. Now it’s mostly opinion journalism (a misnomer), salacious and tabloid. Actual journalism was practiced out of respect for the reader or listener and the expectation was the American people not only had the right of manifest destiny but the expectation of common sense so they could decide for themselves, but today, not so much.

The truth is, nobody's innocent.

  It is a fact that entire classes of American’s have been disenfranchised politically, economically, socially etc. The social justice warriors want to correct these injustices (some of which are very real and some contrived) but unlike Dr. King, they lack the fundamental character and perseverance to make it stick. It’s a lot of hard work and takes a long time to change an idea for millions of people, far too long for the smart phone generation who instead somehow managed to convince themselves that rioting and looting would work for them when it has failed for everyone else.

  Parents have reared the last two generations of Americans on a steady diet of relativism and intellectual cake and ice cream.  Now we wonder why their brains want to abolish the First Amendment and why when asked they cannot tell us when the War of 1812 occurred. It’s funny how that works.

  The conversation we refuse to have is the one that history has proven over and over to actually address these issues and I’m not talking about government. Government is a civil institution and the offspring of our humanity. It can only function in a healthy way when it remains connected to our humanity and the basic moral respect that humanity requires of itself. Without this connection any human can vilify, demonize and inhumanely treat other humans in any way their abandoned sense of self-awareness will allow. We are circling the drain in this type of situation with history proving this to be true again and again. The consequences include militant Islam, the selling of aborted baby parts for profit, transgender ideological mutations of various kinds which are completely void of any science and biological justification and the list could go on and on. And yes, people actually believe this stuff.

  The much loathed conversation we refuse to have is one of basic morality and the golden rule. The reason for this is it requires each citizen to personally stop and “think” and then give some part of themselves unselfishly to their fellow man. That is the antithesis of narcissism and very difficult for its vessel. Offering mere empty words or money is not enough.  Today, politics rules everything and the end justifies the means. But where do moral and humane ideas come from? The founding fathers clearly believed it came from religious faith which operated in concert with our humanity; I’m referring to legitimate religious faith the definition of which the American constitutional experiment has yet to fully and adequately define (i.e. Militant Islam is not a religion even while claiming to be.) Government cannot provide this spiritually based morality and is forbidden to do so by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

  The Church as an institution has no constitutional authority of any kind (as it should be) but is undeniably protected from government interference by the First Amendment.  The politics of the left continually seeks to destroy religious expression and their current war on Christianity has become bold and blatant using the above mentioned twins of revisionism. Consequently we’re going in the wrong direction and the current emotional health of the nation is the proof. Ironically they are cutting the very umbilical keeping them alive. Allow me to point out that this behavior is in fact the nature of what the Church teaches about “sin”. It turns reality upside down and backwards perverting one’s view of the world around them as a consequence. The entire twisted lie and excuse of separation of church and state is code for “let’s destroy Christianity” and the pervs waving that flag have slithered into judgeships, counseling centers, the education system and many other positions of elected office. Through this garbling “facts no longer matter” as they militantly reinterpret the meanings of words to suit their political agenda (i.e. a penalty is really a tax. Who knew.)

  Our free and open society does not and will not function without a voluntary embrace by at least a majority of the citizenry to the basic golden rule. One does not have to even believe in a god to agree and that is fundamental to an Americanism we can all support.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  ~ The Golden Rule

The only reason any citizen would cleave to this idea would be to save our nation.