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  The violent protest on March 11, 2016 in Chicago at the onset of a Donald Trump rally is a very ominous but not entirely unexpected outcome. The country has been boiling for several years now and instead of the President (Obama) stepping up to calm things down and show character and leadership he has postured again and again albeit indirectly. His remarks have mostly left people with an “option” to act out if they wanted to. And they have. Free speech is not free rioting. But try and explain that to a "black lives matter" rioting law breaker.

  Donald Trump has stepped up as a presidential candidate and tapped into the same anger only from the other side. This is a common human mistake originating in the soul of men and too often circumvents rational thought, wisdom and common sense. It’s the kind of thinking that can get people killed. Is that not what we’ve seen at these violent BLM protests? It is antithetical and as un-American as it gets.

Character is what Ted Cruz has demonstrated again and again throughout is political career and candidacy. 


The protests at Trump’s rally, among other things, are the protestors competing with what they believe Trump stands for. His incendiary remarks for months and months now have convinced many people he threatens them. Many on the other side seem to agree and that’s why they’re supporting him. Everyone is angry. If anger is used without self-control it lights a wild fire. Many of Trump’s points I happen to agree with, however the way he communicates deprecates rational thought and instead taps a rage that can be void of wisdom and common sense and most importantly self-control. We can accomplish the goals we need to without being so inflammatory. Out of the abundance of a man’s words the contents of his heart are revealed.

  I frequently interview people in my business. I am looking for qualifications when I do. As a job candidate for president Donald Trump is not the best available choice for the reasons I’m outlining here.

  Donald Trump has taken this “low-road” because that’s who he is and because it’s easier to do. It’s his personality and his talent gift set. This might be fine for a CEO but not for a president. That requires a different gift set.  America has been primed for generations to believe that talent is the beginning and ending of success. Yet, how often do we see talented people destroying themselves with their own talent. Sometimes, when you add unbridled ambition they take others down with them.

  It’s instinctive to violently react if a person feels or believes they’re being attacked. There is nothing wrong with defending yourself. Revenge however is a game for losers and in the end destroys the perpetrator. To allow a so called leader to ascend that believes and practices this is a recipe for chaos.

  The purpose of a presidential campaign is to “vet” the candidates and to test them to see how they perform under actual pressure. After all, whenever you squeeze an orange what comes out is not just orange juice; it’s whatever is on the inside.