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  Ted Cruz has a pathway to the presidency. The bad blood between Ted and a “few” in the Senate is no secret. Who can forget Ted standing on the floor of the Senate and repudiating Mitch McConnell for his “rope-a-dope” political pandering on the Export-Import Bank? Apparently (and it’s often hard to tell for us on the outside) the panhandling politics as usual was occurring in the backrooms of Congress.  McConnell was denying he made a deal for a vote on the EXIM but was covertly doing it anyway. McConnell was reportedly furious with Cruz for turning on the light. Cruz was later vindicated when the EXIM authorization appeared in the transportation bill. When the politicians who make “deals” in Congress like this are caught they often respond with, “Well, that’s just how things work in Congress.”

Except they don’t.

  This is just one of hundreds of examples one could sight regarding the way DC does whatever it wants and to heck with the American people and their own money. It’s why we call them “elites”. They tell themselves they do it for “the good of the country” when we know it’s what’s good for them. It’s as if the divine right of kings is their credo and they’re shocked when those of us who pay the bill scold them for it. But, the Master of the House (we-the-people) has returned from a long journey and we are calling into account what the servants have done with our kingdom while we were away…and it isn’t so good.

  The “sleepers have awakened” and this is going down and the political intelligentsia in DC cannot stop it. After Super Tuesday it is now clear where we are headed. Rubio hasn’t won anything even though FoxNews continues to act as if he has. It’s time for the rest of the field to gracefully bow out. This is a two man race at this point. Why? Because the votes are in and the people say so.

  This is when both Ted and those political elites in Congress need to come together and bury the hatchet. This is out of service to the country and the future of our children and grandchildren. And besides, the master of the house says so. Having the authority of so many American voters behind him Ted can acknowledge the established process for moving the country forward, working with Congress and doing it with style, grace and within procedure. Congress can acknowledge that this is how it’s going to be (because the people say so) and they can follow the Constitution along with a President who follows the Constitution. Stop making it personal.

See how easy that was?

  The elites do not want a Trump presidency and neither do millions of other Americans. This will become more obvious once the remainder of GOP candidates do the right thing for the country and exit the race. Ted will be far easier to work with than Trump and they know it. There are still primaries remaining and the race is not yet won. We can do something about our future. It’s our country. Stay the course.