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Why I am endorsing Ted Cruz for President of the United States: 

  During my run for Congress in 2014 my primary campaign issue was leadership. It’s not that the economy was bad enough or social security was in a complete hot mess but those are more symptoms of the core problem. Those problems are the creation of politicians whose motives clearly are tainted with something other than serving those to whom they agreed to serve. It’s not that America doesn’t have the knowledge or ability to turn our own ship upright it’s whether or not we will exercise the will to do so.

  You can’t depend on what you can’t control and many politicians are not under the control of the people who elect them. The mountains of political corruption through graft in government are proof of this. Our nation’s core crisis is not primarily a crisis of debt or terrorism, immigration or corruption. As bad as those are they are they symptoms of abdicated leadership. Elected men and women MUST choose to transition from politicians who campaign to statesmen who lead. What separates the two is character which manifests through integrity and actual service not just lip service. Nations are not built on their politics. Nations are built on their people and their character.

  Our system of government is not broken. What’s wrong is our system of government is not being applied by those whom we elect. It is statesmen that will do that. They are motivated by something other than power, prestige and position. This is a nearly lost art in American politics but one I believe is reviving.

  Ted Cruz is just such a statesman. His message has been specific from the beginning and constant as the sun rise. He has targeted strategically the ills confronting our nation such as immigration, ever expanding government and its associated corruption, the national debt and the adherence to our supreme civil law the Constitution of the United States of America. He has stood nearly alone at times staring down what we now know are the political elites from both parties and stood on the principles that made and keep this nation great. What better vetting could a presidential candidate have?

  He has the education, tenure and conviction that places him heads above the candidate field. America needs a president like this right now to strike at the heart of the problems created by spineless politicians who care more about their power than their own countrymen. We can solve these problems but to succeed we must have a clear path from the people through Congress to the President’s desk. We’re in good position to achieve that goal now.

  There is no lack of resources in our great nation, human or otherwise, resources which should be used to better the lives of Americans by restoring personal liberty which creates opportunity no matter which corner of America you come from.  We absolutely must remove parasitical policies that prey upon people and deprecate their lives. I believe Ted Cruz will be both a leader and a facilitator of that need.

  America is down on one knee at the moment. It is tepid leadership lacking strength of will to act in the people’s stead that brought us here. Whether you are a Republican, Independent or Democrat we have a chance right now to brighten the futures of not just ourselves but our children and our grandchildren. We can restore the promise of America.

Christopher L. Carter, A.A.S, D.B.A.