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   I'm not endorsing a single candidate at this time. The jury is still out for me. I'm looking for serious public policy solutions and not the warmed over political sound bites, gotchas and one-upsies we are so often burdened to endure. The majority of the American People loathe the political power mongering and narcissism so indentured in DC. I think (like me) millions of us have had enough. We are deeply concerned about our grandchildren’s futures. The problem is not endemic to one political party.

In my view these three candidates are emerging with a consistent articulated and common sense based approach for returning America to its roots and greatness. The World needs that America. These candidates are doing more than soliciting emotional responses from voters to get them in the booth pulling the lever. They’re challenging us to think critically along with them, follow the process through and understand how the math will work. This is what principled people do and Americans are principled people. They want to do more than talk about freedom, liberty and opportunity for all Americans no matter what ethnic group from which we come and what life choices we make. Government simply must get smaller so American’s freedom and liberty can return to that which the founders originally intended.

   While I am very fond of Ben Carson and his wise paternal approach he lacks the legal and public policy experience Ted Cruz has now. Ben could learn quickly and adapt. He has said so and I believe him but Mr. Cruz is ready now and with him we get paternal wisdom, legal experience and public policy courage that is centered on service to the people as the Constitution explicitly describes.

  Carly Fiorina has been one of the two most consistent candidates all along. It appears to me she has to fight harder than the other candidates in some ways due to being female? I’m not saying voters are being bigots. What I am saying is that most of us are asking ourselves is this the time to finally put a female in the White House and is this “the” one? I do not vote on gender or ethnicity, however I do consider as best I can the capability of a person. If Carly does not end up in the White House whoever does better get her on the Cabinet. She is knocking it out of the park.

   Donald Trump is not fully presidential although he does know how to make tough decisions. After the current administration I think we could tolerate a boisterous juggernaut like Trump for four years if he really makes good on his immigration promises. I cannot under emphasize the critical nature of this issue. If America cannot or will not enforce its own borders we are not a nation. Not only that we will “continue” to lose what we have. Your personal public safety and that of your children and grandchildren is at stake. Politics has made you less safe under the Liberals and their socialist policies. It’s a megatrend in motion NOW in this country. Without a swift change now you and I can look forward to more random shootings, stabbings and bombs going off in the streets of America. Ask yourself if that is what you want.

Honorable Mention:

   Marco Rubio is becoming a “fine” politician. He’s young, articulate and from humble beginnings. He has a firm grasp on foreign policy but very wrong ideas about immigration. However, let me read the tea leaves for you. Older men like me know how to read younger men like Rubio. He is not an establishment politician yet but is standing just outside that door. Once in the White House I think he will succumb to the black vortex of beltway politics and we’ll end up with too many compromises to be as effective as we need to be in the next four years.