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"A nation that cannot or will not control its own borders will eventually cease to be a nation."   

For a nation to allow indefinitely the uncontrolled molestation of it's own laws and borders is a recipe for chaos. 

  In the very midst of a gun war on our southern border by thugs and Mexican drug lords the political left continues to insist that illegal foreign nationals be allowed to enter the country unabaded claiming that to enforce the very laws created by the people for the people is somehow an evil and dastardly thing. (See the movie trailer - "Crossing Over")

"The innocent always pay for the deeds of the guilty in a perverted society" - Dr. Edwin Louis Cole.

If America can be defeated I look for the enemy from within. The down fall of mighty Rome itself was largely due to its absorption of so many varied and diverse cultures that the iron that once was Rome became soft as clay. The nation disintegrated from the inside out because it forsook that which had made it great which was a "sense of nationality first".

   "All political correctness is based in some degree of prejudice"   

 For us to pass laws benefiting any group or class of people at the expense of any other group or class of people is the near height of hypocrisy. Yet there are millions in America who engage this drunk thought and somehow are unable to observe their own folly (lack of self-awareness). While preaching equality they actively engage in various forms of social prejudice while intoxicating themselves with the opium of "political correctness". One can't help but believe their agenda is more about "getting even" than getting it right.

  Holly-weird leads the charge. Hollywood is in the business of selling fantasies. They are the professionals. They know that people want to be entertained and telling the truth doesn't sell movie tickets. There are some in that industry who want us to believe they're making a "film" to entertain us (based in fantasy) but they crossed the line long ago into historical revisionism and in some cases lying if you have to is justified for their cause. Bunk!

  They leverage any and all vehicles at their disposal to stretch, spoof, embellish, lie, "employ creative license", computer graphic images, whatever, just make it believable enough and don't forget to sprinkle in that dose of political correctness. They want to shape or should I say, re-shape the American psyche into their own image. The scary thing is they're getting it done. They vilify anyone who opposes them and refuse to engage in meaningful debate. It's because their ideas are unviable and in a debate they simply can't keep up. If the blind lead the blind then everyone falls into the ditch. Watch for it.

  Without a primary sense of nationality America will continue to dilute like Rome. The left in this country (including Barak Obama) want to amalgamize our nationality into an internationality. They want to reverse the order of the two, rather like moving two foundational stones without first removing the house. Unfortunately any attempt to do so will result in the house falling down around us. Perhaps that is what they want?

  The answer? Patriotism, courage and conviction, just like our founding fathers demonstrated when their liberty and sovereignty was threatened. It was men of courage who stood up and said enough is enough. Right where they were they began to speak up and speak out in their towns and communities. If that were to happen today the resulting tidal wave of public outcry would be so immense it could never be ignored.