Categories: The Science of Think by Chris on 11/4/2016 1:25 PM | Comments (0)

  It would appear the Democrats in a characteristically narcissistic and un-statesmen like manner will be barreling forward with their mortally wounded candidate for President. This would not be possible without the support of empty headed voters still blithely intent on voting for a person around whom a firestorm of apparent criminal evidence is blazing.

  When considering the leadership of the greatest nation on earth we have a far greater responsibility than this. It is no longer cogent to play visceral and infantile politics. We must act according to the convictions of our national founding. Failure to do so now means throttle up into what will most certainly create an unprecedented constitutional crisis, something we desperately do not need right now,  period.

   The Liberal Democrats are willing to do anything (and I mean anything) to seize and maintain their power. Many of us have been stating this for years. It’s never about constitutionality with these people it is always about their agenda. At this point they are willing to twist, cajole and even pervert the law as much as they can get away with to get Hillary Clinton into the White House. They will settle for Tim Kaine as President if necessary if/when that happens. Hillary cannot survive at this point even if elected by politically intoxicated voters and her election being based upon the same narrow fissures of interpreted policy, customs, traditions and parliamentary gotchas as was ObamaCare. The people can shut down this charade anytime they want and the election is the place to do it but not unless enough of us are willing to step back and put our nation first and set aside toxic politics. Many do not want a Trump presidency but it is far better than Hillary Clinton and the reasons are obvious. She’s bereft of basic common sense and ability to perform the job. That alone should be enough.

  I've stated before that our legal system was on trial for its validity due to Hillary Clinton, her apparent criminal racketeering and Comey’s initial tepidity to recommend charges to the DOJ but there’s more. The American people are also on trial as to whether or not we choose to continue to be a nation of laws, governed by our basic humanity and care for each other and not the perverse nature of political correctness. Our nation is about to “Make a Turn”. It’s up to us about which direction that is and the consequences that follow.