The truth has a persistent way of eventually bubbling to the top. It can often take time to do so but nonetheless. Like many of you I’ve reflected over the last several days on the outcome of the election and the tumultuous events leading to it. There were large discrepancies in polling and media reporting (pretty much all of the main stream media) and strong even fierce policy driven issues tirelessly maintained by the vast majority of American voters both centrally positioned Democrats and Republicans not to mention Independents. The main American voting block (previously mentioned) finally reached their threshold of patience in being constantly chided and reprimanded for their own humanity and brow beaten that we should think and feel differently about who we are. Then, at the end of each interrogation were handed the invoice for whatever political agenda the “elites” were promoting for themselves at the time. Not understanding this is where the pollsters (who are trapped in the sterile political bubble with the elites) got it so horribly wrong. Epic fail.

  The terminal flaw of liberalism and political regressivism is an abject (and for many) an incurable lack of personal self-awareness, the kind that facilitates objectivity, humility and true mutual cooperation. It drives everything about them. It is petulant, childish, intolerant and hypocritical and they are blind to it. The protests going on immediately after the election are glaring proof of all this and are being well documented. The reactions of so many of these people are nothing short of extreme adult temper tantrums. It’s pathetic. They believed they were creating a Camelot of societal harmony and were blindly dedicated to its pursuit. It’s what primordial socialist's believe and when pursued to its inevitable end the society collapses. History is filled with examples but to no benefit to the politically intoxicated liberal. They do not study history, they attempt to re-write it. It is metastasized narcissism.

  And that is what finally happened, a correction. It was time for Americans to “Make a Turn” and we have done so.  It may have been clumsy in many ways and controversial but there’s no harm in that because we are trying. The founding fathers constitutionally put us in this caldron of debate and compromise with each other in order to find enough common ground to remain united. The system is working. Our national discourse and direction was straying dangerously off the path and we have made the turn.

  America is not the follower we are the leader. Our ideology is the best in the world (when we stick to it) and the proof of that are the millions of people around the world who want to come here. This glaring fact is hidden in plain sight and has been masked by the rhetorical nonsense of the liberal left. Many Americans, I among them, have given up trying to talk to these people and the result is a President-Elect like Donald Trump. Americans want their country back, we have a right do so and we were tired of asking for permission.

  Our challenge now is sound public policy implementation that really does address the problems of economic opportunity for as many Americans as we can possibly reach, shrinking government, decreasing the tax burden, dumping ObamaCare and fostering competition in the Health Care industry which is the only true price control. We still have a serious problem with ethnic bigotry in our country and government can help but the core solution must start in the homes and families of all Americans. The Church must become much more involved in this solution. This is why (and I am stating what should be the glaringly obvious) we have the 1st Amendment. Blaming “Whitey” was a loser’s game and the Liberal Democrats are now tasting the sting of it. We have a chance now to clean up our own house and start acting like the United States. I believe our prayers were answered. We’ve been given another chance and God is watching.