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“A man cannot separate his actions and his philosophy. If he tries to tell you he can, he’s selling something.”

  As the presidential election tempest spins into motion political protagonists are busy creating campaign recipes searching for the proper blend of issues to capture the minds of the voting public. With the advent of the “new” media on the internet the playing field as well as the size of each team has grown exponentially. In short there are many many voices.

  It’s a no brainer that the economy is and will be front and center for this presidential election cycle. The Obama Administration and to a lesser degree the previous one is largely responsible for digging this economic hole in which we find ourselves and though somewhat narrow at the top plunges deeply to the bottom. It took a while to get into and will take even longer to get out. When it comes to economics things tend to fall twice as fast as they rise. We’re in it for the long haul.

  Beyond the economic front and the politics surrounding it is yet another issue or group of them stalwart as ever. Oh, those pesky little social issues that will not go away. The political left just hates this. They would build a world of “all things secular” in an attempt to isolate and quash the quiet voices of reason that cleave to principles responsible for building our great nation in the first place.

“Whatever you have to do to get it is what you must do to keep it…”

  Obama and his campaign ran on a platform of change only vaguely disclosed being swept into office on an emotional wave of empty headedness. Former speaker Pelosi put face on this doctrine when she stupidly declared during the Obama Care debate that, and I quote, “We need to pass the bill to find out what is in it…”


  Basically the American people are pissed off. We witnessed the salvo launched at these ideas during the mid-terms. I fear the “shellacking” the left received then was little more than a “Hello” compared to what’s coming next November. I certainly hope so.

  It is more than just the economy. Americans have basic belief systems, roots that go deep into our historical past that combine risk, hard work and propriety. We like it. What hasn’t killed us has made us stronger. You go mucking around with that and you’re mouth is writing checks your behind can’t cash.

  Indeed there is a hunger for change fermenting among the American grassroots. It has persisted since Obama’s election yet gone unanswered. However, any future ideas addressing voter concerns must be seasoned with common sense and outlined clearly and simply, something this activist President is apparently unwilling or incapable of doing. The candidate that best does that both visually and verbally is likely to be the winner next year. The concern for our country, our laws and our control is at the forefront of American minds right now.

“Nationality must precede internationality…”

To get these too far out of balance is politically dangerous.

  Americans are not responding well to having their lives controlled by an expanding government that has granted itself infinitely more power than King George ever did. They are concerned about the flood of foreign peoples unchecked over our boarders or the rights of unborn American citizens whose voices are silenced before ever uttering a word. They care about personal responsibility and accountability for all. If we as citizens live in a society and benefit from the strength it provides then we have a reciprocal responsibility to make a contribution and keep it strong. Only a fool lives a life where he thinks he can get something for nothing.