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  Insistence, urgency, firmness, resolve, and determination; Perseverance is a quality, a mindset required to realize your hopes and dreams in life. This can be a difficult concept and therefore creates doubts in decision making. The reason is resistance can sometimes be an indicator we are going in the wrong direction, but not always. It is this reasonable doubt that consternates us all.

Just because you encounter a “headwind” in life does not mean you are going in the wrong direction.

 Indeed, so many of the great discoveries of our world would never have occurred had the explorers abandoned their quest due to resistance, setbacks, and temporary failures. You may have heard the story of Thomas Edison and his light bulb invention. Whether this account is completely true or not, he was asked after his 102nd and finally successful attempt at creating the light bulb, what if anything, had he learned from all his previous failures? He said, “I learned 101 ways how not to make a light bulb”.

  Genuine perseverance begins with an attitude and grows into a conviction. A conviction is a by-product of your personal belief in yourself as well as the subject matter. Without it you will lack the fuel required to persevere. If you are not completely convinced then how will you be able to convince others? This is one very important reason why a regimen of regular prayer and meditation is so important in life. This activity leads to self awareness which is the only antidote to human denial.

  I once heard it said that most over night successes usually take about 10 years. My reaction was, “That might be long enough”.

  The irony is that most over night successes never last. This is because the journey builds within us the wisdom and character required for us to keep the success we’ve attained. If we bypass that training we are too weak in the long run to keep what we have. In the middle of that training is perseverance.

  In regard to your hopes, dreams and vocation; do your homework, prayerfully meditate, and consider your own heart, gifts, and talents. This will aid in your conviction about the subject. Create that “fuel” you will need. Once you are convinced and begin the journey the headwinds will come and the extra fuel will be needed. Your perseverance will pay off.