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  Whatever you may think about this president (Donald Trump), his past personal life, his demeanor etc. he has delivered on an unprecedented scale for the people of the United States. More, I believe, in three years than former presidents have done in two consecutive terms. He has kept his promises and given the last four years or more of his life to run and serve as President and while serving at his own expense. A President is not a pastor, pope or a priest. He must in many ways be a warrior in a world which has historically turned to war of various kinds and various ways and means again and again. Our current political division is no exception.

  The enemies of the people must violate both of these truths to circumvent so great a covenant that has preserved us for over two hundred years.

  For the first time in American history it appears the fears of the Founding Fathers is about to be realized when they debated then decided to put impeachment into our Constitution as a final check value on maintaining a balance of power in the event of the unconscionable. Their fears were that it could be used as a bitter political weapon to disenfranchise the American citizen’s human right of self-determination by choosing their own executive who serves no more than two consecutive four year terms in office. What is going on in our country right now is unprecedented and very dangerous. Once these lines are crossed history teaches us they are more easily crossed the next time. One must ask where that will take us.

  In the end, if the principles regarding stewardship and statesmanship are violated to such an end that their conclusion is to circumvent the will of the American citizens it will not be those that facilitated and perpetrated this act who will suffer.

It will ultimately be you and I.