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  How then can we do it? Social change is inevitable. This is one reason why studying history is so critical. It at least gives us a shot at avoiding previous mistakes.

  In recently stepping back to take another look at significant mega trends I’ve considered the impact technology is having on our culture. I can’t go many places these days that someone is not chortling about FaceBook or Twitter. Electronic messaging, in all its various conflagrations is changing the way we communicate. It is even changing the way we spell, creating new words in the process.

  Communication and language is a critical part of any society. The effectiveness and efficiency of that communication contribute dramatically to our social evolution and change. It is why a common language is so critical. If the language dilutes for any reason our effective ability to relate to one another also dilutes. Communicating an idea is much more than just talking about it. Real communication takes place on other levels extending beyond sound alone consequently deepening our understanding of each other. An inability or purposeful ambiguity to communicate our thoughts, motives and intent leads to disagreements that can escalate even to war.

  Communication therefore is key to life. I would not do violence to the word “life” by suggesting its definition extended to the concept of success. If a life form dies off some intentional process either exterminated it or it naturally failed to adapt to the changing environment in which it exists.

  The life forms we see around us are the ones that succeeded. They’ve adapted to whatever changes and conditions they encountered. The systems that failed are ones we cannot see because they’re extinct. They failed to adapt or succumbed to their enemies or some of both.

“Observe the facts of nature and fall in line…”

  Recently western culture has become fascinated with the idea of change. The Presidential election of 2008 summarizes with that single word. However the specifics of what, how and why were never completely vetted. It was the most sentimental and emotionally charged election of my lifetime. These are very poor foundations upon which to make such critical decisions. I would not disagree that many things need to change. However, I would agree that moving ancient boundary stones is a horrible idea. That meaning altering the fundamental way our country works financially and politically that has worked very well for years just because it is not working well in the here and now. Personal citizen responsibility and accountability has been declining for years and plays a major role in creating the messes in which we find ourselves. We need good ideas carefully thought through some of which may be an acceptance we’ve stopped doing what has worked for years and got ourselves into trouble.

   A bee colony is a treasure of organization, team work, and accountability. It’s an efficient system validated for thousands of years. I agree, careful unemotional consideration of needed changes should take place to improve things gone wrong. However, I do not believe our system is fundamentally broken. What I am sure of is that people put in places of responsibility are not doing their job. If you do not have evolution from above you will get revolution from beneath.

  Nature is a template for successful designs. It does not change unless there is a valid reason to do so. Nature is not politically correct. Its basis is in what really works and what doesn’t. Think about it.

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