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  In reading an article by Cal Thomas on Fox news asking the question “Where have all the leaders gone?” I was reminded how the same question has haunted me for years. It does appear at times our leaders have fled away. Well, actually they are in hiding and not so much hiding out of fear or in trepidation (because true leaders are courageous) but waiting and preparing for a specific moment and opportunity in time. Allow me to explain.

  Years ago, as a much younger man I made a first trip to the island of Haiti. We were doing relief work there, taking food, doctors and medical supplies to conduct clinics. Having never been to a third world country before and knowing of its sometimes violent historical past, I made an effort to read and study its history and also made the issue a matter of prayer. My question was, “how did this nation become and continues to remain so impoverished physically, morally and spiritually?” My conclusion startled me because it was something I had never considered.

  We tend to see all suffering people as victims. While it’s true they are suffering it may not be true that they are victims. It’s a normal human reaction. For the vast majority of us we at least are moved emotionally by this and at most will take action, often times at our own expense to rectify a suffering situation. America in general is no exception. It’s why we have a long history of “rescuing” the world at our own expense and yes, sometimes peril. The billions of dollars we have poured into foreign countries to ease suffering is astounding, with more or less positive results. But I am a “root cause” analysis kind of guy. It is better to sever the root of a problem rather than continuously pluck the fruit and far less expensive in every way calculable.

  My conclusion with Haiti’s chronic ills over her history was not hurricanes or earthquakes, military coups, sickness and disease alone or just plain bad luck. The root problem with Haiti is its people, the average Haitian on the street so to speak, the everyday common person.  I know that might be hard to hear for reasons mentioned above. We tend to be led by sentiment and emotion where suffering is involved which blinds us to root cause. The truth is the Haitian people tolerate their situation (politically for sure) either by commission or omission in ways not generally realized.  If the people would ever rise up around a centralized set of human and moral values and persevere in their effort the tide would slowly begin to turn. It’s true some have tried. Greed, violence and moral rot established a beach-head there long ago and the good people continue to suffer from it. The situation therefore perpetuates itself through this reoccurring mechanism creating a vicious cycle of poverty, suffering and despair. It’s like a pick-up truck stuck in the mud, endlessly spinning its wheels but going nowhere. If you’ve ever been stuck that way the powerlessness is frustrating even infuriating.

“Change rarely occurs without pressure.” ~ Christopher Carter

  Leaders you say? Oh, we are out here to be sure [Obiter Dicta]. One of the things we do is shine a light where some might not want it. That is often the requirement for change. The American people must “truly” want change and therein lies the problem. Until then a true leader’s words fall on deaf ears and the “churn” continues. The question then becomes, “What catalyst is required to initiate actual and real change, if any?”

  The answer is the American people will decide. They will decide either through acts of commission; omission or some combination of both and if the latter two, ignorance will be no excuse. History is replete with examples that illustrate my point both man made or reactions that are man-made to natural occurrences. In the end, in all cases the people decide and it is the pressure, in whatever form it comes that is the catalyst. Well-meaning politicians pontificate that they have solutions but who actually hears a man crowing in an empty room? No one or too few appear to be listening.

“You can’t mold clay when it’s dry.” ~ Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

  The caution and warning here is the notion we can “control” the outcome created by the pressure. That is not true in every case. Ebola has uncontrollable potential. Nature will seek equilibrium and when it does there are times when, like an earthquake, all we can do is get out of the way.

“Generally, if you do not have evolution from above, you’ll get revolution from beneath.” ~ Christopher Carter

  Our nation was born of this kind of pressure. The colonists became so angry at the ridiculous behavior of England and its king they “took it upon themselves” to change it. It was bloody and violent. Wars of ideas sometimes turn into that. Read your history. The American system of government was designed to prevent it. However it failed once in 1861 because some people weren’t listening. Some people aren’t listening now. I remind you there was preamble through political discourse for years leading up to that first shot fired at Fort Sumter.

  Voters continue to put candidates in office who are not true leaders.  Instead they are moral and social effeminates, without backbone or conviction, unprincipled, are primarily concerned with personal political fortunes and espouse a social doctrine consistent with their constituents.  Both political parties are guilty of this. Hence, the people ultimately have primary responsibility and their politicians are the extension. Everyone else who is “not playing” has their head buried in the sand. The same level of thinking that created a problem is insufficient to solve it. Therefore a change in thinking is required. I don’t see that coming on the near horizon. Until then we barrel toward an equilibrium event. Prepare yourselves.

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