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  In a way the framers of our constitution were like shepherds. They created a sheep pen (a Nation) and a doorway (The Constitution) through which all legitimate access to the people must pass. All who attempt to "climb up some other way" are thieves and robbers. The colonist’s European roots and experiences had taught them hard lessons about how other men would use their power. This power was usually economic power which in turn created military power and ruling power through government or monarchy. Their belief was that God created man and within that creation man’s heart was free. True freedom is to be self governing.

  My mentor, Dr. Edwin Cole used to say, "If you let someone else create your world for you they will always create it too small…" There is no substitute for personal responsibility and self determination. Men and women who are greedy for power will try to climb up some other way if necessary to get what they want. Many times these men and woman have the best of intentions and that is the fuel of their self deception. We judge others by what they do and judge ourselves by our good intentions. When one is deceived how does one know it because the trick of the mind and heart makes our motive "invisible" to us at times. The answer is hidden in plain sight.

  By examining the rudimentary components of an idea and subsequent activity and comparing it to the basic principles of the individuals responsibility to work, to risk, to choose and take responsibility for themselves and their actions one can better determine the motive and intent of another’s ideas and actions. Laws that facilitate a person’s abdication of personal responsibility deprive the citizen of that which ultimately makes them stronger. When the citizens are stronger the nation is stronger. Therefore, the framers of our constitution created a government whose power originates with "We the People". This government "replaced" the power of the King because the framers knew that no one will serve the interest of an individual better than the individual themselves. It is challenges in life through which we must overcome that are part of what makes us stronger. If other people using our own government are "climbing up some other way" and doing for me what is best that I do for myself I become a slave to that government. It really is that simple.

Yes, there are forces in life that are "invisible". We must open the eyes of our heart as a nation so that we can see.