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  Most any dictionary will define the word invisible as something which is impossible or "nearly" impossible to see; imperceptible to the eye; not visible; hidden or not accessible to view. Many things in life are actually or perceptibly considered to be "invisible".

  Air is invisible yet it fills our lungs at every breath. Gravity is invisible yet it pulls at everything 24 hours a day. Most wavelengths of light are invisible to us yet we dare not spend an entire day on the beach without sun block on our skin. The idea here is there are in fact forces in life that are very real, have a very real impact upon us yet are forces which we cannot see. Not believing in them is folly. If I ignored gravity and jumped from the top of my house, gravity would not suspend itself. I would fall immediately to my hurt or worse. If I refused to breath it would not take long for my body to object. The same is true for my illustration above regarding my day at the beach. There is another type of vision that we posses.

"Yes, we do have another pair of eyes as it were. They are the eyes of our heart".

  It is that place within us that allows us to perceive forces, realities, things that are real yet not visible to our eyes. It is that place with in us where we perceive and understand the world around us. It is that input and our ability to receive it that shapes and forms us as a person. We form our ideas, our belief systems around it.

  Deception is another force which we cannot see. Think of deception as invisibility with malice added to it. Behind it is a motive and intent. The strategy of the deceiver is to become "invisible" to those he or she intends to exploit. How can you attack an enemy you cannot see? Better still, how can you defend yourself against an enemy who practices such subterfuge?

  Mankind has struggled with this simple concept since the days when he believed the world was flat and there was no life on the planet smaller than what the naked human eye could see. Yet it is a common tactic used by many forms of life all around us including human beings. Ambush hunting is a highly successful form of predation.

  In ancient times the shepherds would lead the sheep into a pen at night. They constructed these pens from the natural rocks and materials available. They made the walls high enough to prevent wolves from jumping over them and getting into the sheep pen. There was a single gate or doorway into and out of the sheep pen. The shepherd would lie down in front of the doorway at night to sleep. The only way into or out of the pen was to jump over the shepherd. In this way the shepherd protected the sheep from the danger the sheep could not see coming. Knowing this, the wolves would at times make futile attempts at running and jumping over the walls. In essence they were trying to climb up some other way when the only true way to go in or out was through the shepherd and his doorway. They used stealth, or deception to gain access to the innocent sheep to kill and eat them.


 (to be continued...)