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  Then Micaiah said, “Therefore hear the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on His throne, and all the host of heaven standing by on His right hand and on His left. And the Lord said, “Who will persuade Ahab to go up, that he may fall at Ramoth Gilead?” So, one spoke in this manner, and another spoke in that manner. Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord, and said, “I will persuade him.” The Lord said to him, “In what way?” So, he said, “I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.” And the Lord said, “You shall persuade him, and also prevail. Go out and do so.” Therefore look! The Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these prophets of yours, and the Lord has declared disaster against you.” ~ I Kings 22:19-23

  For some years now, as I have followed our national dialogue and the affairs that follow, I have discerned an increasing incidence of falsehood. While this is no great secret that so many in politics (and many other cultural institutions) lie so vociferously, there has been an increased turning to lies and falsehoods that I can see. In fact, it has become so blatantly obvious and outrageous that one has to wonder about the mental health of some of these individuals. For now however, it appears there are little or no consequences as their circle of lies grows increasingly absurd. I believe a definite shift has come though, leading to what the enemy intends, which is to make one last final assault against our culture and society leading to a collapse of the United States and her sister nations.

One of my favorite Proverbs is 21:30, “There is no plan, there is no insight, there is no strategy that can succeed against the Lord.”

The plans of the enemy will fail.

  What is trying to destroy America and other like nations, is sin itself. For three generations there has been a slow and gradual falling away from prayer and sound Christian doctrine. And quite honestly many of the hearts of God’s people in the western Church have drifted in their love and worship of him and obedience to his commands to “Preach the Gospel to every creature and to make disciples in every nation.” As Americans we have forsaken, and all but lost our “first love”, which is Christ the Lord himself, who gave himself for us so selflessly.

During a focused time of prayer in 2018 the Lord reminded me of his conversation with the Prophet Jeremiah and the story of the Potter’s wheel. Coincidentally that story is in Jeremiah chapter 18. In that story the potter at the wheel saw the clay pot as marred and decided to collapse it down and remake it. I told the Lord, while I was prayer walking the floor, that I did remember the story about Israel and the clay. The Lord immediately said to me, “No, I am not speaking of Israel. Do you not know that I can collapse mighty America down just as easily and then raise her back up if I so choose?”

  I was a bit stunned because I pray for my country often and much because of what I see swirling about her and those who lie in wait to snare and entangle her feet. It was a warning from the Lord and one I have waited to deliver until released to do so. I spent the rest of the year (2018) and all of 2019 praying for our nation. At the end of 2019 I was told of the riots and the beginning of the fall of some of America’s cities (link provided here) and to publicly post what the Lord had said.

So where is this going?

This is a preamble to what the Lord is about to do and in fact has already begun to do, therefore I am writing down the impressions I have that I believe are from him.

  The Lord has decided to spare America but not without consequence. Firstly, he has allowed a lying spirit to enter the mouths of the false prophets in this land. They promise peace, safety and prosperity through socialism and communism where none has ever existed or occurred before anywhere in the world…ever. Those spiritually weak are susceptible to these lies from a literal spirit of lies. What they hear appeals to their human intellect and self-serving hopes because they trust not in God’s power and Word but in the arm of flesh. Many of these people are haply deceived, the rest know deep down within themselves but do not care and in fact want the chaos. So, the Lord will (and is) giving them chaos, but it will turn on them in time and they will realize they’ve made victims of themselves and will receive a just recompense.

The Lord is disciplining his Church as a loving Father disciplines his child. We’re being taken to the woodshed of sorts and while it is unpleasant for a time, we will emerge tearfully better for it.

  The preaching against sin will once again rise in the West. Men will witness acts of God unseen by any living generation. The Lord is shaking and will shake the nations in this way. The tide will turn and to many it will appear to be sudden. However, in actuality, the foundation of this movement was being laid years ago and is being laid more now by a world-wide army of intercessory prayer warriors, (II Chronicles 7:14). These are men and woman ordained of the Lord to pray for the nations around the world. They know who they are and they know the purpose of what they’ve been doing for years now. Be encouraged. The time is coming and is near at hand. The Lord is and will show himself strong on behalf of his Church and the Earth people whom he loves. Now is the time for boldness, not timidity, faith and not fear, trust and not despair. God is with us. And as the Lord told Gideon (Judges 6) so long ago and in the face of what appeared to be insurmountable odds, "Go in the strength that you have, am I not sending you?"