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  Suddenly I heard the crashing sound of tremendous thunder. I saw a lightning bolt of enormous size unfurl from a black sky and strike the earth. The black sky was completely void of stars. The sound was so explosive it appeared the entire earth shook. Fear gripped me for a brief moment as I watched the gigantic bolt strike the earth. The force and noise of the blast thundered and echoed far beyond anything I had ever heard before. The noise reverberated as the whole world rumbled and shook.

  Then I looked and saw a very large tree, a massive tree that stood alone in the blackness. It was completely dead and with large twisted branches extending upward and outward. The tree was not destroyed but was immediately set to flames by the lightning bolt that had struck it and the earth. As the flames burned the tree burned, but it was not consumed.

  Then I awoke and set up immediately in bed. It seemed so real I had to look left out my bedroom window through the blackness thinking there was a thunderstorm going overhead outside. Then I realized I was dreaming. The night sky was actually very clear, quiet and full of stars.


  I usually don't remember dreams. Though I do believe the Lord speaks to us sometimes in this way, I’ve learned to be slow, careful and meditative about it. Most often I will wait for many days or even weeks to see what may or may not come of any dream I do happen to remember. More often that not nothing happens.

  In this case after what I think was 7 days I did hear the Lord say this to me.

   “The vision of the lightning bolt and the tree was from me. The lightning bolt is judgement I am sending to the earth against the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree, though it is eternally dead, bears constant fruit in the minds of men. Their thoughts churn and scheme with motives and intents to believe they are gods unto themselves and can do as they please. This event is not singular but is a continuing thing I do in the days to come. The impact is not singular or limited to one attribute of mankind on earth and it will continue to reverberate and perpetuate as I bring light and life back to the nations and as I empower my saints, my messengers who are speaking and will speak for me. I am shaking the nations! I am making the pathways straight and the rough places plain,” says the Lord. ~ 8/8/2020