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  The stage is being set. And now the nations will rock to and fro. The hand of the Lord shall make it. He shall not rock as a mother cradle rocks her babe but no, as a father to a son, who chastises him because of a father’s great love. What shall he make? What should he do so that his hand may stretch out to both comfort and correct, to satisfy and to ensure his maturation and endurance. God’s great love is upon you. It is upon all.

  “Stand firm!”, says the Lord. “For now I stretch out my hand and will not withdraw until I’ve accomplished in my son, my people that which pleases me, which perfects them, so endure. Lift up holy hands to me”, says the Lord, “lift up holy hands and worship. I am shaking the nations! I am making the rough places plain and the crooked roads a straight and faithful highway.” ~ 1/6/2021

  • For in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow. – Eccl. 1:18