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  How fitting, the title of this article, a line from a Dylan Thomas poem revived in the recent film "Interstellar". It fits in its description regarding the blast of outrage from the American
  citizenry and the current state of their union. At last we’ve discovered the breaking point the politically aware citizen has with their tolerance of elected leadership.
  I (along with many many others) have been saying it for a long time that it would take a ground swell movement like this to change the corruption through graft, the subterfuge and clandestine perversion going on with those who have been handed both power and money in good faith. At no time has personal character been a greater requirement of men than to harbor such trust and responsibility. They have failed and the people are angry.

  Conflicts both great and small primarily spawn from an unwillingness to listen. Humanity can be ignored but cannot be denied, not for long. Slavery of men, including the black man in the Americas, collapsed down through history because it is an untenable idea and inhumane at its very core. Ruling classes historically spawn from industry and wealth, swell beyond their normal human capacity and then create division among people when they cross the lines of our unchangeable human nature.

  People are people, at any time in history, in any country in the world, no matter the language they speak people are people and the same basic needs, wants and desires exist unchangeable in their nature. Thomas Jefferson enshrined this immovably when he wrote in the Declaration of Independence about, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

  The systems some men will create to build their kingdoms do not respect the humanity of others. What matters most to these people is conquest and power. Human care is secondary. History has exhaustively recorded this over and over and yet here we are repeating history’s mistakes once again.
  The Founding Fathers did their best to provide a framework of government using in most cases the strictest legal language available to them to remove all doubt regarding their intent. Their efforts separated power within a cautiously constituted government to try and balance the need for a national defense against foreign powers while maintaining this idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for each and every citizen. The words have not changed and neither have the hearts of men. Just like every great society gone before us, greed, lust and the power for more control is at the heart of America’s problems. It’s not the system that is broken; the problem is with those who are running it.

…and now the people are raging.