I’ve read many social media posts, and viewed hundreds of videos online over the last several years. It’s no secret, Americans are frustrated, even frightened over a never-ending list of national crises. This continues while much of our elected and paid leadership appears so inept, they’re unable (or unwilling) to take meaningful action leading to correction. The term I hear often is wake up. While I do believe it is an accurate term, I believe the core issue is not our polity. Politics alone will not get us out of this mess. It’s politics that got us here in the first place. Many believe politics alone is the sole definition or root conception of a nation’s behavior and subsistence. This idea constitutes the secular state. However, it is individual choice that truly powers any concept or credo, even and especially politics. Human behavior is self-determined and thereby self-initiated. One voluntarily subscribes to any belief system, even when spawned in deception and maleficents.

There’s a favorite maxim to which I often refer, somewhat paraphrased here. I think the attribution belongs to Albert Einstein.

It certainly is true.

So, what does wake up really mean?

“We cannot define where we’re going until we identify where we are.”

And perhaps who we are.

You and I do this each time we get into our cars. It’s so routine, it’s almost subconscious. Sometimes I think it actually is. America’s core problem is not intellectual but spiritual, and the morality that does or does not follow. As a nation and if at all, we tend to treat spiritual things as a sidebar, optionally accessing it on an as needed basis. It is not truly first in our lives, at least not like it once was a generation or two ago. This mega-trend seems to have grown steadily in my adult lifetime as I have, like many of you, stood by and watched our national landscape transform into something more hideous. A change, I might add, that we all know suddenly accelerated beginning in 2020.

I’ve spent the last several months summarizing how to wake up, and just recently published it in a book containing some of what I believe are the core issues and what we must do to begin the long arduous journey back to national sanity. Real change is often controversial, and this is no exception. Within its pages, there are equal opportunities personally challenging for any reader. But then again, waking from a long “Van Winkle” slumber is difficult, taking patience and time. The world will scoff and much of the “established church” will likely join them. This is not unexpected.

America has abandoned her first love. And, by and large, the church is MIA on a spiritual battlefield lined with a mounting heap of casualties. Listen to me carefully because I cannot stress this enough. As a nation, we are not untouchable. I do believe we’re being weighed in the balance.

For years now, a growing landslide of sinners have stood defiantly on the national stage, shaking their fists in the face of what has now become an angry God. Pacifying the abrupt polity shift many of us felt in 2020, is denial. Don’t go there. We’re under attack and our enemy is not of this world, therefore, none of the weapons of this world, have any effect on him. And unfortunately, most of the Church knows so little about true spiritual warfare, our real enemy seems to have the complete run of the room, so to speak.

So, yes, it’s true, and many of us know it. America needs to wake up. But I would submit that simply waking up politically is far too tepid of an idea and would merely be the equivalent of putting a band aid over a severed limb. We need to identify and face the root cause of what ultimately ails us. To do that, requires a true national awakening.

Ronald Reagen was correct. America is a shinning city on a hill, and she can be again. Leadership has its price and you and I have been called.

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Wake up.