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  The most recent legal confrontation between the Obama Administration and the Catholic order called “The Little Sisters of the Poor” is the classic confrontation between Church and State. The confrontation centers on the so called contraceptive mandate and ObamaCare. This legal conundrum (for the State at least) is precisely why the First Amendment to the Constitution exists, that being in this case, to keep the State out of the affairs of the Church.

  The Constitutionalists were all too aware of the “nationalized” Church of England and how it was often used to “mandate” matters of religious conscience at times to the point of literal imposition with physical or monetary force. Freedom of religious conscience therefore was a tenet they insisted to be codified in law as the new government was constituted. This took the following form:

  Prohibiting government establishment of a nationalized religion and also preventing government from intruding by prohibiting the free exercise of those choosing and practicing religious conscience on an individual level.

  Secularists have been chipping away steadily at religious freedom in this country for years using the courts and linguistic revisionism to subvert, pervert, limit and otherwise control the freedoms of those with religious conscience. The first amendment clearly establishes the role of government to govern without prohibiting religions declared freedom to exercise while the Church is prevented from having any official power within the government. The Church as an institution has no constitutional representation in Congress but then again neither does the Press. However, they are both protected from government control and that all within the same amendment.

  Unfortunately this is not how it has worked in recent years. People within the Federal Government aided by private secularist groups (like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood which by the way receives government funding) continue to grant themselves more and more power to “regulate” religious freedom and then use some twisted perverted interpretation of language to justify their actions. The end result is a perpetual eroding away of religious freedom for American citizens. No longer restricted to religion this behavior began spilling over into the Press on an unprecedented scale under the Obama Administration. The attack on Fox News journalist James Rosen is one of many shining examples.

 This is a very alarming trend whose motive couldn’t be more obvious. Religious people represent conscience and moral courage within the culture while the press holds a spotlight they constantly shine into government activity as a way to drive out darkness that habitually creeps in to those who find power. Silencing these two voices is the gateway to ultimate control. In the real world we would call that a Communist State. History is replete with examples of governments engaging in this treacherous behavior.


Why the secularists don’t get it…

  Religious conscience is a personal matter between an individual and their Creator. This relationship supersedes any human institution, begins and perpetuates with the Creator and exists completely and in totality outside of any government or constitution. Therefore it cannot be regulated by any human authority or effort. To do so is a violation of an individual’s personal liberty and conscience. The Little Sisters of the Poor have taken Vows of religious conscience to this end and government forced deviation from this in any way is a violation of their constitutional rights not to mention a breaking of their vows. They simply won’t do it because they answer to a higher power than the State. Secularists don’t get it because whether intentional or through devices of deception they see “The State” as the ultimate power. This is an ancient confrontation and is well documented in both historical writings and the Bible as history.

  The Obama Administration has finally painted themselves into a corner on this one. They don’t comprehend the nature of this “absolute”. Even the mere signing of any “permission” by the Sisters is seen by them to insert themselves into the decision chain and willingly participate in the potential authorization of what they deem to be murder. The rest of the country doesn’t have to agree on principle but the Sisters cannot be forced to do it and they will not. Obama is playing chicken with the first amendment and has no cards. If he capitulates he opens the door for many others to make similar claims based on the new case law precedent and ObamaCare disintegration accelerates. If he keeps trying to run over the Sisters in the courts, people of religious conscience will erupt into an all-out rebellion especially if (God forbid) the Supreme Court actually and stupidly sides with the Executive Branch.

  In the end it has never fared well for the State when challenging “The Creator” who considers his people of conscience and faith toward him to be his champions. Within history, whenever the State has pushed God’s people back against a wall while issuing an ultimatum, he has responded with his “Ultimatum” and come to their defense. I would not want to be that guy when God comes calling.