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   The expectation (assumption) of every law is that the hearts it governs will voluntarily obey. If not, “enforcement” is required otherwise the law is worthless. Why, because some hearts rebel.  History is full of examples for thousands of years. Passing laws in a purest attempt to control men’s hearts and thereby actions is the height of vanity. It’s like tossing pennies in a fountain and making a wish. Hope is not a strategy. A law is created by a civilized people and establishes a credo by which all have “agreed” to live. But what about those who disagree? Again, history is full of examples of those that disagree. What then? In many cases (upon taking action) those people are called criminals.

   Men have been killing each other for thousands of years. That is an ugly fact. We are not going to be able to “love” the hate out of everyone. I wish it were so but it isn’t. After all of the benevolence poured out of the USA alone (billions and billions of dollars) for decades and decades if that were possible it would have happened by now. The problem is not laws, it’s ideas and some ideas just don’t work. The evidence is overwhelming. And that is the greatest crisis, the crisis of denial. Men have used two-by-fours, metal objects and ropes to kill other men for thousands of years. Does that mean we should ban assault wood, assault metal and assault ropes? In troubleshooting such a problem you always look for the lowest common denominator. Men with ideas are doing this killing. It doesn’t matter (and they don’t care) what mechanism or tool turned into a weapon that they use to meet their objective and satisfy their ideas. It’s because a murderer’s ideas are in-satiate.

   The greatest act of love (and I do mean the greatest) is anyone who would lay down their lives to defend their families, homes and country. In the face of radical Islamic terrorism there is only one outcome. Being a denier will get us all killed. These murderers are operating on our own ground right now and after seven plus years Barrack Obama, his administration and their ideas bear much of that responsibility. Ideas do have consequences and we are reaping from the ideas of liberalism and political correctness right now. Can you not see it?

Not putting your children, grandchildren and way of life first in this context is drunk thought and perverted.

   Lord Neville Chamberlin made a deal with the devil on September 30, 1938 and sold out part of the Czech people in the process and he did it with the "best" of intentions too. His agreement was a type of law also. Hitler subsequently broke it because he was an in-satiate genocidal murderer just like the radical Islamic terrorists. Later the V2 rockets began falling on London.

  The Liberal movement in America has reached its zenith. The result is so called “political correctness” run a-muck which has led to the insanity we see going on in the news more and more each day. Political correctness robs the host of their ability to think clearly. Embracing it is an act of cowardice. People subscribed lose their courage to say what they really think in exchange for the approval of “the group”.  This too will get people killed.

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