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  It seems so ironic to write an article on this subject titled in such a way. One would think the two terms are synonymous but sadly sometimes they are not. An American President is supposed to be a real leader. However, in this age of linguistic revisionism some of our most defining terms slip back and forth on a sliding scale. Since that is true how then does one define “real leader” in this context since it has become a moving target bonded with political expediency.


“When facts can be reduced to mere personal opinion truth falls in the streets.”


My youngest daughter and I used to dialogue with each other quite a lot around the idea of “standards”. We would discuss why they exist and why they are so important. She ended up as a professional educator majoring in languages and communication, particularly Latin. I rest my case.


  Why then are (linguistic) standards important? Simply put, so we can all communicate effectively. Reliable communication permits progress. Conversely unreliable communication prevents progress. Without effective communication social entropy sets in and progress slows to dangerous levels leading to all kinds of difficulty the worst of which can actually be war. Remember 1861?


   The unending political “spin” and rhetoric pumping out of Washington D.C. is like drinking bilge water from the bottom of a boat. The elections of 2008 and 2010 were indeed about change. The people are speaking through the vote with a single voice both from the right and the left as well as in the middle. The people want change rooted in responsible leadership but the power afforded by government, business and the press has made men drunk with ambition. All I know to do is to keep launching verbal salvos into the political fray and hope it’s not too late. It will require a lot of us doing so to make a difference.


  Allow me to define a real leader. He/She is a person who believes public office is a responsibility not a privilege. They are there to serve others not to “be” served. They believe the integrity of their word is the same as their name and person. They do not lie. They put the country before career. They have the courage to allow people to fail as well as succeed. They possess necessary humility, faithfulness, and loyalty. They are responsible with money, protect human life at any stage, and are forward looking to the welfare of their children, grand children and great grand children.


  Mr. Obama has had ample time to show us his mettle. His campaign was awash in political banality never providing details of how he intended to accomplish his grandiose campaign promises. I give him credit for passion. I believe in some ways he’s genuinely trying to help the country. However, his election to office came on the emotion created by idealism. When the “blame it on Bush” excuse FINALLY ran dry the administration turned once again to bitter political partisanship and of course many Republicans chimed right in. This is a diversionary tactic to keep voters whipped up on emotion rather than focusing on what is actually going on. We were asked to pass a major socialistic health care law “so that we could then find out what was in it”, touted then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is the most ridiculous political statement I’ve ever heard in my life and from a sitting speaker of the United States House of Representatives no less. (Incidentally do not forget that law passed by the thinnest of thinnest margins and then only on a technical maneuver.)


“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelo


    Mr. Obama would not tell us who he was during his campaign but now we know. A tree is known by its fruit. An activist should never be President. Why? Their passion and narrow mindedness for their cause excludes the broader canvas of reality upon which the rest of us live. A true leader would instinctively know this and adjust his leadership and speed of policy implementation accordingly. America is a big ship and big ships don’t turn on dimes. The political brow beating and arm twisting to the point of breakage is a clear indicator a majority of  Americans reject these policies no matter who is “spinning” the facts. This agenda of “change” is contributing harshly to our economic malady. A real leader would recognize this.

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