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  So the war on men continues. Notwithstanding, the war on women does too. I recently came across an article hailing the “End of Men”. This idea is not new. It has been around for centuries. It’s simply being reheated and served to another generation who has failed to study their history. The author (whom I will not name for reasons of my own) bragged brazenly about real life women in places of high leadership who have successfully navigated difficult circumstances or accepted prominent places of responsibility within government, global finance etc. The article was written like only the women who stepped in (taking over for men) could actually solve the problem.


  Kudos to these gals for doing a great job if indeed what was being claimed was actually true, (yes, I’m being serious). I can only take the author’s word for it because I did not personally verify her claims. Sensational articles making fantastic claims often follow the releases of new books. It sells more books. Having said that, I think it probably is true. Keep in mind that most any story sounds true until you hear the other side, which is why news stops being journalism when journalists toss their objectivity and become partisan. Think about it.


  So, what about the so called, “gender wars”. Again, this is nothing new. Men and women have found themselves at odds with each other ever since the woman beguiled the man in the garden after failing to remain with the authority (protector) the Creator had provided AND the man failed to uphold the authority (responsibility) he was given and willingly fell with his wife. The man didn’t do his job first and after that the woman also failed. Considering all of the politically correct diatribes churned out on this subject, beneath all of the finger pointing and “blame game hatas” out there one undeniable truth remains at the heart of the entire subject.


   Whether you believe in a benevolent Creator or not the truth remains that we are here, we are in this together, it takes one man and one woman to reproduce a human being and there is plenty of bad stuff going on in the world. To try and make evil or failure or “bad stuff happening” a gender issue frankly is partisan, arrogant, immature, short sighted and just plain stupid. It makes titillating reading though and sells a lot of books.


   Misandry has become very popular in recent years and it’s growing. In many ways it’s a reaction to misogyny. It is not hard to find copious amounts of writing on the subject. However, engaging in gender wars is a fool’s game. If we allow ourselves to take our eye off the ball in that way then we play into our enemy’s hand. If you don’t believe in an unseen enemy then just say, “we facilitate our own demise”, either way we’re done for. It continues to amaze me how smart people can still fail to see this. The truth is we need each other…period.


   I’m all for whacking the bad guys (or gals) no matter who they are. I could care less if they’re male or female. But, I think we are smarter than this and the way to overcome evil is to overcome with good. I think most of you probably agree.


   I am old enough to have lived through an entire generation of change in America (or the western world if you will) where misandry is being increasingly used as an excuse to “get even”. The problem with revenge is that in the end justice is served on everybody and I do mean everybody. We truly reap what we sow in this life in the end.


   For this very reason, in my latest book I deal with issues of manhood and the emasculation of men that has been taking place for the last forty years in this country and the western world. It is one of the reasons I chose to make a blog entry after spotting the before mentioned article. The excuse of “gender” to make war on each other is the very thing we DO NOT need to be doing. A true leader is not motivated by such things; however the tone the article takes seems to be. Ironic considering the claims the author is making.


   “To aspire to leadership is to paint a target on your chest…” ~ c.carter


Therefore, consider these truths:

  A true leader is patient, kind, considerate, temperate, tries always to give the benefit of the doubt, is not arrogant or filled with vanity, not dominating, seeks to serve others and loves others as he/she loves him or herself. Fundamentally a true leader is a servant. To become great among men one must become a servant to men and perform those duties with the attitude mentioned above. Think about it. 


“Some leaders are chosen; great leaders are realized…” ~ c.carter

A true leader also leads from his character with his gifts, whatever those are. All men are not gifted the same and neither are all women. If we are to succeed for the next generation then working to allow each other to be who we are is a skillset we absolutely must acquire. I’m down with that struggle for men and woman alike and choose to be part of the solution rather than contribute to the problem. 


     “If you let someone else create your world for you they will always create it too small…” ~ Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

    “If you are outspoken among the people you’re a leader. If you’re out in front of the people you’re a prophet. If you’re way out in front of the people you’re a martyr.”



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