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  An equilibrium is a condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced or unchanged system. We can observe such a condition each time we experience or measure tremors and earth quakes. When the change is large and sudden enough the impact can be disastrous, even deadly. This in essence is the result of an equilibrium. The plates or land masses of our planet float on a very hot and molten liquid core. Therefore they are in motion. When these land masses press against one another long and hard enough they slip creating what we call quakes. The earth is “equalizing” itself from the pressure created by the “natural” motion of the land masses. This is all part of a natural process and has been occurring for millions of years.

 We can observe this process in all kinds of ways both scientific, economic and sociological. Just recently we observed the social and political uprisings in Egypt. Groups of people within that country who had long disagreed with many of the conditions under which they lived began to speak out and take action for change. This almost always is manifestation of pressure that has existed for a long time under the surface. It takes this time and pressure to build up long enough for people to finally begin to move en masse. While many of the underlying political motives are still emerging, generally speaking an equilibrium is occurring.

   Dare I also talk about Libya, North Korea, Germany with its Berlin Wall and the Former Soviet Union (FSU). All of these social and political occurrences were an equilibrium at work. These are just modern day and very recent examples. History is replete with such examples. Our own political and social structure is in a state of increased pressure and movement at the time of this writing. Since the 1960’s an intense social agenda has been brewing, bringing it’s power and influence into the American political mainstream. Sometimes these shifts and changes brought about by underlying pressure move in a negative direction over time. This statement precludes an understanding of the concept of mega-trends. Often mega-trends are so large that much of the masses fail to recognize them. It’s rather like standing in the middle of a crop circle. While there it appears to be nothing but a corn field, however at five thousand feet in the air someone has actually created a design unrecognizable until you stepped back far enough to tell.

   This equilibrium phenomenon if you will, is a natural occurrence in life where life and the world around us tends to balance itself out over time. The forces at play are varied and for all we know many to this day may still exist beyond our complete comprehension. We can observe their influence however and it is undeniable.

  People are born to be free. It is our nature and an unconquerable force that lives within us. The founding fathers of our country knew this and wove the concept into the fabric of our government and laws. It is one of the reasons why our institution continues, albeit violently sometimes. It is under girded by the unstoppable force of freedom in the hearts of men.

   A tyrant is characterized by selfishness, idealism and greed. It could be a boss, a co-worker or a political leader. Men are smart and can be ruthless. They will use their gifts to fulfill their tyrannical agenda and move the natural order of things into a state of pressure and imbalance. History has shown us this condition ultimately is temporary. In time just as the sun always rises and the winds always blow the equilibrium comes and tyrants fall.


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