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  If there is one stark distinction between conservative ideas and the Republican Party it is this; Conservatism rejects the idea that an ever growing centralized government provides ever increasing benefit to the (God given) fundamental freedoms of the citizens. That’s it. When government gets bigger the people’s freedoms shrink. History is littered with examples proving this to be true. Some in political circles have warned of a “split” within the Republican Party. In fact, it’s already here (Just look at the DHS/Illegal Immigration Bill). I have heard suggestions that the Republican Party needs to bring their base into line, a hilarious notion since the opposite is what we are here to do.

  It’s happened before and all signs point to a sequel. I am not saying it’s the best choice. I am saying it’s the next choice. The American spirit that founded this country is alive and well thank you and is waking up from a long slumber. It has become clear there are those who would use the power of government to achieve a political agenda adverse and contrary to our constitutional founding. Conservative thought has pulled back the curtain to expose the man behind it and he is not at all what we were led to believe. The “Oz” of liberalism and socialism is not all powerful and benevolent.  It is in fact a flim-flam-man making promises “sounding too good to be true” and that it cannot keep. Just think “Bernie Sanders”.  Obamacare is another shining example. Americans are waking up to this right now.

Think about it. Nothing builds and strengthens a human life like personal achievement. Socialist government policies and programs are the antithesis of this. A steady supply of government “cheese” and entitlement removes an able bodied man or woman’s self-esteem and marginalizes their humanity.  In essence it promises to serve but all it actually does is enslave.

This is the Achilles heel of liberalism. It is why they run away from facts in any debate. It is their greatest fear and all fear is weakness. It is exactly why we will continue to fire one salvo after another at their feckless and undisciplined ideas.
  Many Republicans playing politics in Washington have faltered. While I understand our system of government is based in debate and compromise there is a lower threshold over which we “shall not cross”. The Bill of Rights is a stark contrast in illustration with its repetitive use of the word “shall”, leaving no room for compromise or re-interpretation.
Congress “shall” pass no law… or the Rights of the people “shall not” be infringed.
  And this illustrates the difference between conservative ideas and many in Republican leadership. Oh, these Republicans continue to “claim” their conservative beliefs but their voting record “rats them out”.
So let the games begin headed into 2016. However, I have a caution and warning for elected leadership everywhere.
You cannot withstand the never ending tide of awakening American voters.
You just can’t do it. Ask Eric Cantor. We number in the millions and our numbers are growing.

  Conservatism is the TRUE American spirit and we do not apologize for it. It is relentless. It won a revolutionary war against a foreign power determined to subjugate human rights on this continent. It put down Nazism and Fascism in Europe. It conquered Imperialism in the Asiatic. It rejected slavery in 1865 and put America on a long road to equality. It inspired and created the greatest economy in the history of “The World” and through which we have put men on the moon, cured diseases, saved millions of lives and created hope for millions more. We will not sit down, shut up, be quiet or stop talking. We will not quit, give up or relent. We won’t stop working, won’t stop voting and won’t stop declaring that government was created to serve the people and does so at the consent of the governed.

So bring your “A” game Politicians and do not be confused. This is a last man standing event.