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   Only it’s not working this time.

   For seven years the GOP squawked about ObamaCare and its repeal. For seven years they used it as a campaign carrot to convince voters to shift the government leadership and give them the reigns promising they would repeal this egregious, unaffordable and yes “unconstitutional” law. Spare me the rhetorical non-sense that the Supreme Court ruled the individual mandate a “tax”. It is a penalty and everybody knows it. The Supremes literally re-wrote a portion of the law by exchanging a word within it under the guise of interpretation. The SCOTUS is not a legislative body and acted outside of their constitutional authority. This issue is also a violation of our humanity and that is at the very core of what our constitutional republic is all about, that being, to defend our humanity. A government forcing its citizens to purchase a product against their will is a human rights violation. Period.

   The GOP put numerous simplified bills on President Obama’s desk that would repeal this injudicious law knowing he would not sign it. It made great show for their voters and waggled the carrot each time. That was the head fake. Now that the voters have given them everything they asked for in terms of political power, everything they kept saying they needed to get this done, now they completely pivot and suddenly were “unable” to reproduce the same bill to a President who has gone on record he WILL sign it.

   This head fake technique has become an established pattern with the GOP and is in fact the smoking gun, so to speak, that they are not only insincere but engaged in acts of subterfuge bent on achieving some hidden agenda. Many are as liberal as Hillary Clinton herself and willing to lie if that’s what it takes to protect their own self-interests and greed. Ask yourself how many lobbyists walk the halls of congress day after day? Why do so many in the media fail to report on this? How can these politicians continually say one thing and then when it really counts do another?

   A man cannot separate his actions and his philosophy. If he tries to tell you he can then he’s selling something. The GOP head-fake is the proof they believe something other than what they keep saying.

   You’ve been lied to…a lot.

   There’s only one cure for this disease. They must be fired. Elections have consequences.

  If this repeal effort fails to make it to the President’s desk this last time I will commit to actively campaigning against any incumbent who stands against the measure in the next election in both my district and state and that is no head fake.