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  The year 2020 will witness the beginning of the fall of several of America’s great cities. The clash of ideologies will escalate. In these places there will be riots and there will be deaths.

   The Lord will strike at the foundations of those who deny him. Their love of self and the magnitude of their traffic and commerce, their love of riches, fame and power will be their undoing. He will puncture their wells; He will weaken the walls of their store houses so that their trust in uncertain riches will bleed away.

   He will expose the disease of their lying deceptions and magnify the day of their corruption. All of that in which they trust will be weakened, their influence will be drained away and their hypocrisy made known.

   He will then fill the void with his glory, he will send in his messengers who will deliver the ever-brightening glory of salvation in God’s Word. He will lift up his holy name in these places and will once again walk among his people who have cried out for him and his righteousness and who have waited patiently for his deliverance. He will once again make a distinction between the righteous and the wicked and once again the world will know that he is The Lord. ~ 12/22/2019